Wizards are a useful user interface concept for simplifying complex tasks often performed by beginners. They help users focus more on putting in maximum effort at each stage and reduce the possibility of errors by providing less information at once.

The purpose of the Data masking plan Wizard is to easily create a data masking plan and design it for masking a specific set of data.

Wizard consists of four steps:

  1. Select columns

  2. Define maskings

  3. Repeater & restartability stores

  4. Plan overview

Table of contents
Step 1 - Select columns
Step 2 - Define maskings
Step 3 - Repeater & restartability stores
Step 4 - Plan overview

Step 1 Select columns

The first step of designing a Data masking plan is Select columns. On this page, the user can choose Data sources (from all created data sources inserted in ‘Data management’, schemas, tables, and columns to be masked.

Step 2 Define maskings

The second step of designing a Data masking plan is assigning values to selected columns, which will define how masking will be done.

Step 3 Repeater & restartability stores

In the third step, Repeater and Restartability stores can be defined.

Step 4 Plan overview

In the fourth step, an overview of the selected options from the previous three steps is displayed.