Place data is contained within WorldPlace instances and is mostly used in the Pick place from list and related, country-specific masking activities.

Each WorldPlace instance contains data concerning places and their respective regions (e.g. county, state, etc.) and contains the following information:

  • Place - Place name
  • ZipCode - ZIP code of the place
  • Region1 - Level one region
  • Region2 - Level two region
  • Region3 - Level three region
  • Country - Country code

Below are a few examples:

Place ZipCode Region1 Region2 Region3 Country
Lancaster 01523 Massachusetts Worcester - US
High Springs 32643 Florida Alachua - US
Venus 76084 Texas Johnson - US
Landshut 84030 Bayern Niederbayern Landshut DE
Tenerife 475050 Magdalena - - CO

A collection of all WorldPlace instances can be accessed with PickLists.WorldPlaces, an IEnumerable collection. In addition to the standard methods the Enumerable type offers, you can also use the following filtering methods:

  • OnlyPlaceNames() - Returns only place names, without ZIP codes, regions and country codes, in string format

  • OnlyZipCodes() - Returns only ZIP codes, without place names, regions and country codes, in string format

  • OnlyCountry(string country) - Returns places from the country represented by the given country code