Restartability store configuration

The restartability store is a table of a default name RESTARTABILITY_ITERATORS where the statuses of the masking units are going to be stored during the package execution.

Restartability is not enabled by default and needs to be configured by defining the restartability store.

To configure the restartability store, a precondition is that Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.Informix database handler is installed. After the installation is done, a new section is added in the App.config file. The line that contains the connection string needs to be uncommented and the appropriate data (name of the connection string, name of the schema and name of the table) must be provided:

<!--control restartability  
need to add connection string with value of name 'connectionStringName' into connectionStrings section-->
<restartability connectionstringname="RestartabilityInformix" schemaname="informix" tablename="RESTARTABILITY_ITERATORS"></restartability>  

The connection string of the same name must be added to the <connectionstrings>.