Version 4.1.0

Release notes for version 4.1.0 are available on this page.

BizDataX Designer

  • Implemented restartability of Oracle handler
    • If the masking process fails for any reason you can continue the process without needing to mask already masked tables.
  • Support for SAP ASE (also known as Sybase) database
  • Repeaters on-the-fly SQL Server
    • Repeaters are persisted and loaded from database as they are needed. This improves performance and guaranties consistent database in case of restarting BizDataX package.
  • Better support for upgrading versions of package
  • Improved logging information

BizDataX Portal

  • Improved setup for working with a remote instance of the Portal
  • Control restartability through the Portal
  • Streamlined exporting rules to specification
  • Added an administration page for managing all processes
  • Added visual customizations of projects
  • Other minor improvements