A Data masking plan is a container for one specific data masking process. It contains all information needed for creating a package. The ending result is a published Plan, i.e. created Package that can then be executed.

Table of contents
Plans overview list
Create data masking plan
Design plan
Edit plan
Publish plan
Delete plan

Plans overview list

All created Plans can be viewed on this Data Masking Plans overview list screen. Only basic information is shown so you can identify the Plan at a glance. Information necessary for quickly identifying Plans are Plan name, version and note. The overview will be by default ordered by Name. There is a possibility to change the order of all columns descending or ascending.

Plans overview list Figure 1: Plans overview list

If there are no registered Plans, the Plans overview list will be empty. When the list of registered Plans is displayed the user can select one Plan to do next actions:

Create data masking plan

To start designing a data masking plan, the first Plan needs to be Created. By choosing to Create data masking plan button it will open a new screen that allows you to enter the information about the new plan.

Create data masking plan Figure 2: Create data masking plan

When creating a new plan, the following information can be entered:

General options

  • Name - Unique name of the plan (mandatory)
  • Note - Description of the project (optional). It is advisable to enter a description as well to differentiate the plans from each other and provide further information about the plan.

Once the information about the new Masking Plan is entered, there is a possibility to:

  • Proceed with Wizard – if 'Proceed with wizard' toggle button is set to on, confirming the process of creating plan will redirect to the first step of the Wizard.
  • Proceed without Wizard – if 'Proceed with wizard' toggle button is set to off, confirming the process of creating plan will create an empty plan and redirect to the 'Overview' page of Data Masking Plan where user can Design Masking Plan manually.

Selecting Confirm button confirms creating the plan. The system will redirect to appropriate page, based on the state of the 'Proceed with wizard' toggle.

To cancel the process of creating a new plan, click on the Cancel button. The system will be redirected to the 'Data masking plans' overview page.

Design plan

Design plan - Designing a Masking plan represents a process of configuring specific data masking defined inside one Masking plan. The process is defined through Steps with Jobs that define masking activities. The goal of this process is to publish a Masking Plan, which creates a Package that can then be executed. By choosing the option Design plan system will be redirected to the new Navigation level, where the user can design the plan.

Design plan Figure 3: Design plan

Edit plan

Once the plan is created, the general information can still be edited. Choose on table menu option Edit plan and the Edit plan screen will open. In the Edit context all fields are editable.

Edit plan Figure 4: Edit plan

The Edit plan screen can be also opened from the View plan details screen by choosing the Edit plan button.

Publish plan

When the plan is ready, it can be published by choosing Publish plan from the table menu options. A pop-up window with Publish version will show up and it needs to be confirmed.

Publish plan Figure 5: Publish plan

Once it is confirmed, it will be redirected to Publish History Details page. If it has error it will stay on same page. If 'Publish plan' has been successfully completed it will be redirected to 'View package details' page from where package execution can be started.

Delete plan

Once the Delete plan button is pressed, the Delete plan confirmation dialog pops up asking the user to confirm if he really wants to delete the plan. After confirming with the Confirm button, the plan is permanently deleted.

Delete plan Figure 5: Delete plan

Use checkboxes to delete more than one Plan at once.