Publishing package to BizDataX Portal

To access better package execution monitoring and logging, the package has to be published and registered on the BizDataX Portal using steps described on this page.

Table of contents


  1. Valid BizDataX Package structure
  2. Imported Portal data
  3. Web API URL set in options


  1. Right-click on your project, then select Publish Package option. This starts building the Visual Studioproject. Publish package action Figure 1: Publish package action

  2. If building the project ends successfully, a pop-up appears where Portal-project name (from where the Portal data were imported) is visible. The name of the package is Visual Studio-project name with the current approximate date and time. It can be changed but it has to be different from other, already published packages.

Publish package window Figure 2: Publish package window

  1. Click Publish to publish the package and wait for the confirmation message. If anything went wrong during package publish, an error message will appear. Package successfully published Figure 3: Package successfully published

The default location where the package is published is: C:\inetpub\BizDataXPortal\API\Deployed Packages. The package is automatically registered on the Portal.

  1. Go to BizDataX Portal to start working with your published package.

Any change of the Visual Studio project requires another publish procedure.