Address data is contained within WorldAddress instances and is mostly used in the Pick address from list and related, country-specific masking activities.

Each WorldAddress instance contains data concerning addresses and contains the following information:

  • StreetName - Street name
  • City - City name
  • ZipCode - ZIP code of the address
  • Country - Country code

Below are a few examples:

StreetName City ZipCode Country
Union Square West New York 10003 US
Georgia Avenue Northwest Washington 20010 US
McMullen Booth Rd Safety Harbor 34695 US
Kaiserdamm Berlin 14057 DE
Avenida Calle 11 Sur Soacha 250051 CO

A collection of all WorldAddress instances can be accessed with PickLists.WorldAddresses, an IEnumerable collection. In addition to the standard methods the Enumerable type offers, you can also use the following filtering methods:

  • OnlyCountry(string country) - Returns addresses from the country represented by the given country code