Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard shows the basic information related to different functional parts of the project and provides easy access to all of these functionalities. Each functionality is contained within its own panel on the project dashboard.

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Menu options
Edit and Delete project options
     Edit project
     Delete project

BizDataX Project Dashboard Figure 1: BizDataX Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard information can be managed trough Menu options, and main options are:

  • Data management

    The connection to the databases is performed here by using the BizDataX database analyzer. The database metadata will be automatically loaded and prepared for further use.

  • Subsetting

    A Subsetting is a functionality that allows you to extract a certain part of the data from the total data set, with the aim of creating a smaller, more specific database, which is then easier to work with.

  • Sensitive data discovery

    Sensitive data discovery consists of Discovery rules and Discovery findings. Sensitive data is requested using created rules.

  • Data masking

    Data masking in BizDataX Portal consists of Packages. A BizDataX package represents a logical container that contains all registered packages and the history of their executions. The package should be registered (published from BizDataX Designer) and then can be executed with default or custom parameters.

Edit and Delete project options

The project dashboard also provides access to Edit project and Delete project options using corresponding buttons in the top right corner of the page.

Edit project

Create project and Edit project have the same screen context. Edit project is called from project Dashboard page by selecting 'Edit project' button and it allows the user to change project properties.

BizDataX Edit project Figure 2: BizDataX Edit project

The following properties can be changed:

  • Name - Unique name of the project (this field is mandatory)
  • External ID - ID of the project in an external system, used for integration scenarios (optional)
  • Description - Description of the project
  • Project colour - Colour of the project

To complete the editing of project properties and to save changes select Confirm button.

To cancel editing click on the Cancel button.

After editing the project, the system will be redirected to the project overview list where all created projects can be seen.

Delete project

The delete project functionality deletes the project and all its related data (e.g. data sources, discovery rules and findings, packages, etc.)

Deleting a project is an irreversible operation, and should be used with caution.

BizDataX Delete project confirmation message Figure 3: BizDataX Delete project confirmation message

Once the Delete project button is pressed, the Delete project confirmation dialog pops up asking the user to confirm if he really wants to delete the project. After confirming with the Confirm button, the project is permanently deleted.