Version 5.0.0

Release notes for version 5.0.0 are available on this page.

BizDataX Portal

  • Portal theming is changed: Ekobit's colors have been added.
  • A glossary of basic BDX terms is added to Wiki documentation.
  • Previously written field explanations and functionalities have been added to the tooltip next to the field.
  • Local Date format will be in use. When date needs to be inputted, placeholder of the date format is displayed on the input field.
  • In navigation menu, Design Masking Plan submenu has been added.
  • The changes according to the menu options are as follows:
    1. Home menu - Name 'Administration' is changed to 'Home'
      • Projects
        • The project color selection option has been removed from Create project.
      • Add-onsNEW functionality in the BizDataX application.
        • Packages that are required to work with supported databases (Analyzers), find specific sensitive data (Discoverers) and make specific Data masking (Generators).
        • All Add-on details can be viewed on this Add-on details page.
    2. Project Dashboard menu
      • Data management
        • For the selected 'Analyzer type', additional setup fields are added and will be open in the 'Supported analysis settings' block.
        • The 'Environment Comparison' option has been updated to display the precise differences.
      • Subsetting – no functional changes.
      • Sensitive data discovery
        • Discoverer configuration - Keyword and dictionary discoverers improvements.
        • The 'Export to specification' function is removed.
        • The 'Findings Button' on the Rules page has been removed, Findings can be opened from the navigation menu.
        • For easy reading, a discovery finding expanded row has been added to two tables. The line, in the table consisting of Frequency and Data sample, is shaded in red if sensitive data is found there.
        • Statuses in Findings are changed from 'Hit' and 'Miss' to 'Sensitive' and 'Not sensitive'.
        • Discovery history page – The buttons on the execution details block have been removed and now are located in the top right corner of the page.
      • Specification - This functionality has been removed and replaced by a new functionality: Wizard, located in Data masking.
      • Data masking - NEW functionality: Data masking is now possible through the Portal. Two submenus have been added for this purpose: Plans and Publish history.
        • Plans - NEW functionality to define the process of masking data.
          • Process of creating a plan will redirect to the first step of the Wizard for creating Data masking in the Portal.
          • Contains options to edit package details and option to Publish plan.
        • Publish history - NEW functionality where all previous Plan publish executions and their details can be viewed.
          • Contains an execution log that can be downloaded in text form.
          • Contains options to see package details again.
        • Packages – No changes.
        • Execution history – No changes.
    3. Design Masking Plan menu - NEW functionality in the BizDataX Portal application.
      • Enables the creation of a Data masking Plan through the Portal.
      • It represents a process of configuring specific data masking defined inside one Masking plan.
      • The process is defined through Steps with Jobs that define masking activities.
      • The goal of this process is to publish a Masking Plan, which creates a Package that can then be executed.
      • Consists of: Wizard, Plan overview, general page, Steps and Masking definitions.
        • WizardNEW functionality
          • A step-by-step wizard makes designing Data masking much easier.
        • Plan overviewNEW functionality
          • Displays a graphic overview of the data masking plan that has been produced.
          • It consists of a display of Steps, Jobs (represent masking activities inside Step) and columns with selected Data definitions or Generators.
        • General pageNEW functionality
          • Define basic information needed for configuring the data masking process.
        • StepsNEW functionality
          • Masking can be done in several stages in a predefined order, those ordered stages are called Steps.
          • They contain Jobs that define masking activities.
        • Masking definitionsNEW functionality
          • It is used for the process of generating or defining masked data.
          • It consists of Blocks (used as decision-making statements of Masking definition ) that contain Generators (tools for creating data that will be used in the masking process) and are executed under specific conditions.

BizDataX Designer

  • Fixed table masking if the primary key is a timestamp.
  • NEW functionality - Automatic repeaters based on FK, meaning: when a column, that has an FK relationship is masked, the repeater key and name are set automatically.
  • A new generator 'Belgian national register number' is created.
  • Added 'Pick BE First name from the list' and 'Pick BE Last name from the list' into the masking activities list.