Plan publish history

All previous Plan publish executions can be viewed on Plan publish history overview list page.

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Publish history
View plan publish details

Publish history

By selecting Publish history overview list of published plans appears. It contains a table with the Plan name, name of the user who made changes, process status, Date and time the process started and ended.

Publish history Figure 1: Publish history

By selecting a specific plan from the list user can view the plan publish details.

View plan publish details

When publishing a plan, the system opens Publish history details screen where the user can track the current publishing.

In the Publish block, the user can see the start/end date and time of the publishing, as well as a message about whether the publishing is running properly.

In the Log block there is log information about background processes. The log can be downloaded in text form.

Publish running Figure 2: Publish running

When publishing is in status Publish running’ there is the option to stop publishing by pressing the "Abort" or "Cancel" buttons located in upper right corner of the screen.

If publishing was unsuccessful, check the Log block for error information(s).

View Plan Publish History Failed Details Figure 3: View Plan Publish History Failed Details

When publishing is finished, it is possible to:

View plan publish details Figure 4: View plan publish details