A BizDataX project represents a logical container that helps users organize all their subsetting data, data masking and data anonymization activities for a selected set of data. Each project can span one or more data sources (relational databases, files, etc.).

Table of contents
Projects overview panel
Create a new project

Projects overview panel

The projects overview panel page is the landing page of the BizDataX Portal. It contains ways to access all your projects, view basic information about them and create new projects.

Projects page Figure 1: Projects page

Every project on the projects overview panel page is represented through its own panel with basic information when the project was:

  • Created by - Username of the user that created the project and Date and Time when the project was created
  • Modified by - Username of the user that modified the project and Date and Time when the project was modified

Each project panel has its own Project icon in the shape of a square in selected project colour. It consists of the first two initials of the project name. Project icon represent button which allows access to the Project Dashboard.

Create a new project

To create a new project, on projects overview panel screen select Create project button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a new screen that allows you to enter the information about the new project.

Creating a new project Figure 2: Creating a new project

When creating a new project, the following information can be entered:

  • Name - Unique name of the project (mandatory)
  • External ID - ID of the project in an external system, used for integration scenarios (optional)
  • Description - Description of the project (optional). It is advisable to enter a description as well to differentiate the projects from each other and provide further information about the project.
  • Project color - Color of the project (optional). Default colour is Navy colour. It will be assigned to the project and can be useful in quickly identifying different projects. This setting is only saved in local storage, which means it will not transfer to different browsers or computers.

Once the information about the new project is entered, select Confirm button to confirm creating the project.

To cancel the process of creating a new project, click on the Cancel button.

After the creating of project is confirmed or canceled, system will be redirected to the projects overview panel screen where all project can be seen.