BizDataX Portal

BizDataX Portal is one of the two key components of the BizDataX solution.

It is a web application for managing data masking projects. The main purpose of the BizDataX Portal is to enable different stakeholders to collaborate on discovering sensitive data in their databases, agreeing upon how this data will be masked and executing masking algorithms.

This is the landing page of the BizDataX Portal:

BizDataX Project Homepage Figure 1: BizDataX Project Homepage

On the top of each BizDataX Portal screen there is BizDataX logo, path and a name of active user.

On the left part of screen there is a menu to navigate through BizDataX application.

Information about the BizDataX Portal and how to use it can be found on the following pages:

  • Installation guide - instructions on how to install the BizDataX Portal

  • User manual - information and guides concerning BizDataX functionalities