Step 1 - Select columns

The first step of designing a Data masking plan is to Select columns. On this page, the user can select columns to mask from all previously imported Data sources in Data management.

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Selecting columns
Advanced options
Continuing to the next step

Selecting columns

The user selects Columns they want to mask by using checkboxes. At least one Column must be selected for the user to be able to continue to the next step.

Upon starting the Wizard, the hierarchy tree is displayed. It shows all created Data sources and corresponding Schemas, Tables and Columns. Different levels can be displayed by using the arrows for expanding and collapsing the level.

Step 1 Figure 1: Step 1 - Select columns

All columns from all imported Data sources can be selected at once by clicking the 'Select all' button above the hierarchy tree.

All columns of the specific Table, Schema or Data source can be selected at once by selecting the checkbox next to the name of the Table, Schema or Data source.

Step 1 - selected columns Figure 2: Selected all Columns of one Table

A black key icon appears to the left of the column name if the column is a primary key.

Step 1 - primary key Figure 3: Example of Primary key column

Advanced options

Clicking the ‘Advanced options’ button opens a pop-up window with filtering options for easier selection of wanted Columns.

Step 1 - advanced options Figure 4: Advanced options

The hierarchy tree can be filtered by:

  1. Data source name - filters Data sources by inputted name

  2. Schema name - filters Schemas by inputted name

  3. Table name - filters Tables by inputted name

  4. Column name - filters Columns by inputted name

  5. Only selected - displays only selected/not selected options.

Continuing to the next step

At least one Column must be selected for the user to be able to continue to the next step. The 'Next step' button will be disabled until one column is selected.

To cancel the process of designing data masking plan, the user can click on the 'Cancel' button at any time.