BizDataX Portal installation

Installation of the BizDataX Portal is performed using the BizDataX Portal Setup application.

Table of contents
Installation steps
Permissions and BizDataX Portal database logins
Accessing the BizDataX Portal
Update to a newer version

Installation steps

Start BizDataXPortalSetup.msi and select Install. The installation welcome screen will be displayed. Click Next to proceed.
BizDataX Portal installation welcome screen Figure 1: BizDataX Portal installation welcome screen

Optionally configure installation location and click Next.
Choose the installation folder Figure 2: Choose the installation folder

Configure your user authentication. Enter the username and password of your currently logged-in Windows user. This can be found under Start->Settings->Accounts.

Add a user for the BizDataX Jobs Windows service Figure 3: Add a user for the BizDataX Jobs Windows service

After the credentials have been entered, press the Check credentials button, after which a message will be displayed allowing you to proceed to the next step.

Check if credentials are valid Figure 4: Check if credentials are valid

Verify the connection string to your database is correct. In case it is not correct, it can be edited by pressing the Change database connection button.

Database connection string configuration Figure 5: Database connection string configuration

Default data string parameters such as the data source, the server name, authentication method and database name can be changed. After you have made your changes, press the Test connection button to ensure it is correct. Press OK to be returned to the previous screen, and then click Next.

Change database connection Figure 6: Change database connection

Click Install to start the installation.
Installation is ready to start Figure 7: Installation is ready to start

Installation progress Figure 8: Installation progress

Installation in progress Figure 9: Installation in progress

Click Finish to finish the installation.
Installation finished Figure 10: Installation finished

Restart system for the configuration changes to take effect.
Restart information Figure 11: Restart information

Note: The connection string for the Portal database can be changed by editing the Web.config file in the BizDataX destination folder:

    <add name="BizDataXPortalConnection" connectionstring="Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=BizDataXPortal;Integrated Security=True" providername="System.Data.SqlClient"></add>

Permissions and BizDataX Portal database logins

Installation user account must be in the local computer's Administrators group and must have read, execute and create database permissions on the SQL Server (to install the BizDataX Portal database, which happens on the first BizDataX Portal start).

In SSMS, make sure that the following logins are created:

  • IIS APPPOOL\BizDataXPortal
    and that both have public and sysadmin server roles.

Accessing the BizDataX Portal

After the installation is complete and database logins are set, BizDataX Portal can be accessed via the desktop shortcut or in the web browser via the following link: http://localhost:9000.

Update to a newer version

The update to the newer version is described here.