Informix-specific prerequisites and additional settings are required to use BizDataX functionalities.

Prerequisites for BizDataX to work with Informix database are:

  • IBM Data Server Client 64-bit, version 11.5 or newer.

  • Distributed Relational Database Architecture™ (DRDA) is configured. DRDA is a set of protocols that enables communication between BizDataX and Informix database systems. For more information check the IBM Informix documentation

  • ensure that, if special characters are to be used (for example čćžšđ, the appropriate support is established. The type of characters that can be inserted by BizDataX tool depends on how the database is created (depends on the DB_LOCALE parameter). For more information check the IBM Informix documentation.

Another prerequisites are to have the appropriate database analyzer (required for the BizDataX Portal) and the appropriate database handler (required for the BizDataX Designer) installed. This is primarily done during the installation of the BizDataX Portal and BizDataX Designer.

More information about the installation, configuration and usage of these components can be found on their respective pages:

Additional settings are required to use certain functionalities. More information about configuring the location where the statuses of the masking units from restartable package execution will be stored:
Restartability store