Sybase database analyzer

The Sybase Database Analyzer is an extension used to add Sybase data sources to the BizDataX Portal. The analyzer is a part of the Sybase NuGet package which has to be installed before the analyzer can be used.

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When creating a new Sybase data source on the BizDataX Portal select Analyzer type to be Sybase data source analyzer.

Fill in a name of the data source, specify the connection string and optionally add a note.

You can configure additional analysis settings for sampling with the Analysis settings field.

The sampling settings are used to configure the algorithm used to select a data sample from a table used in sensitive data discovery. This can be used to control performance and quality of sample data used during sensitive data discovery. Available options are:

  • sample=top Selects first N records in a table. Excellent performance.
  • sample=sample Selects N records in a table using probabilities. Good performance if a table has indexes and more than a 1000 records. Not recommended for small tables.
  • sample=random Selects N records randomly. Low performance, but good quality of data. This is the default setting.