User manual

This section contains information and guides about the BizDataX Portal that are grouped by its functionalities. BizDataX Portal implements the following functionalities:

  • Projects
    Create projects that help users organize all their data masking and data anonymization activities.

  • Data sources and environments
    You can connect to databases using BizDataX database analyzers. Your database metadata will be automatically loaded and prepared for further use.

  • Discovery rules
    Built-in discoverers will help you find candidate columns in your data sources that contain sensitive data. You can make use of custom discovery plugins to discover your special sensitive data.

  • Discovery findings
    Discovery results can be reviewed and discussed with provided tools to determine whether they are sensitive data or not.

  • Specifications
    You can compile a list of tables and columns for masking and specify how each column should be masked.

  • Packages
    You will reuse packages modeled in the BizDataX Designer and published on the BizDataX Portal to mask or anonymize your data for multiple purposes through runtime parametrization. You will be able to monitor package executions and analyze performance bottlenecks. You can take appropriate performance tuning steps to optimize the masking of large quantities of data.

  • Administration
    You will be able to see a history of completed processes.