Installing database analyzers

Database analyzers are database-specific extensions required to add data sources to BizDataX Portal. They are distributed as NuGet packages.

The list of supported databases and their NuGet packages can be found here.

There are two ways to install the database analyzers:

  • Automatic: When installing BizDataX Portal you can select the desired versions of NuGet packages to download.

  • Manual:

    1. Download nuget.exe command-line tool from
    2. Open command-line tool and navigate to nuget.exe location
    3. Locate the Custom Analyzers folder in BizDataX Portal install location. Default path is C:\Inetpub\BizDataXPortal\Custom Analyzers.
    4. Execute the following line: .\nuget.exe install NUGETPACKAGENAME -Source -Source -OutputDirectory INSTALLLOCATION. For example, if you want to install DB2 database analyzer to default install location execute: .\nuget.exe install Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.DB2 -Source -Source -OutputDirectory "C:\Inetpub\BizDataXPortal\Custom Analyzers"
    5. Restart the BizDataXPortal website in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.