Repeating of number condition branch

The Repeating of number condition branch activity is a specialized condition branch used in the condition activity to check if a certain repeater of integer values contains the specified repeater key and start executing specified actions if that is the case.

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To use the Repeating of number condition branch activity, place it in a condition activity. For the RepeaterId, add the repeater ID you want to load values from. Note that the specified repeater must contain integer values. Next, change the property RepeaterKey you want to check the existence of by selecting the ... button to choose from which table record properties will the key be composed of, up to a maximum of five properties. This will dictate by what key the new repeating value will be saved in the repeaters database.

Property Selector window Figure 1: Property Selector window

If you wish to execute certain activities if the specified key exists, place the activity in the body of the Repeating of number condition branch activity if it's only one activity, or use the masking block activity if you want to execute multiple activities.


Let's assume that we are masking the CreditCard table and want to check if a certain CSC number was already masked and saved in a repeater to decide further action. First we place the CreditCard masking activity and put the condition activity within it. Now we can add the Repeating of number condition branch activity as one of the branches of the condition activity. Then we can set the RepeaterId property to the ID of the repeater we are using, which is "CscRepeater" in our case. Next, we create the RepeatingKey by selecting the ... button to open the Property Selector window where we can select the Csc property and click OK. Lastly, we place a masking block in the body of the Repeating of text condition branch activity and place the desired activities inside.

During masking, if a record with a CSC number that already exists in the specified repeater appears, the activities within the masking block activity will be executed. We can also add an additional masking block inside the default branch so they can execute if the specified key is not present in the specified repeater.

Repeating number condition branch example Figure 2: Checking for the existence of specified keys in number repeaters


Property group Property name Description Example
Input: Repeating RepeaterId The ID of the repeater. "CscRepeater"
RepeatingKey Repeating key to assign. item => CompositeKey.Create(item.Csc)
Misc DisplayName Display name of the activity in the workflow. Repeating of number condition branch
Result Contains the masking definition object. It's a part of the masking infrastructure and should be ignored. -