This set of pages describes the workflow when using the BizDataX Designer. The basic workflow is described in the Start guide, while more details are provided here and additional topics are described.

  • Creating a new Visual Studio BizDataX project
    Creating a new Visual Studio project involves using a BizDataX Package Executable template. A project created in this way can use the functions provided by the BizDataX Designer.

  • User interface elements
    Walkthroughs which help with user interface elements or where something is.

  • Creating a data model
    Import database metadata, previously imported on the BizDataX Portal, to the package, in order to create a data model in BizDataX Designer.

  • Toolbox items
    Walkthroughs on how to use BizDataX Designer activities in the workflow.

  • Fluent Handler API
    Advanced configuration of Handlers.

  • Package steps
    Create a valid BizDataX package with steps to improve package execution monitoring.

  • Package parameters
    Add package parameters to provide more control over package execution on the BizDataX Portal.

  • Publishing packages to BizDataX Portal
    Publish a package to the BizDataX Portal for better package execution and monitoring.

  • Package execution
    Walkthrough on how to start a package execution from the BizDataX Designer, BizDataX Portal and from the command line in various scenarios.

  • Masking examples
    Examples of various data anonymization scenarios.

  • Logging
    Walkthroughs explaining how to configure and use BizDataX Designer and Portal logs.