Start guide

Start guide is a detailed guide of a really simple scenario to get you started with using the BizDataX tool. This walkthrough explains how to create a basic BizDataX package that connects to an MSSQL database and executes a simple data masking.

The following must be done before going through this guide:

The parts of this guide are:

- Creating a data model (BizDataX Portal).
- Finding sensitive data (BizDataX Portal).
- Producing a specification (BizDataX Portal).
- Creating a new Visual Studio BizDataX project.
- Creating a data model (BizDataX Designer).
- Creating a simple masking flow (BizDataX Designer).
- Publishing package to BizDataX Portal (BizDataX Designer).
- Executing package.

Given that this is a very simple example, after going through the above steps, study the topics described in the other chapters for more details to get to know the tool better.