Fundamental data

In order for the specification to be released, it is necessary to assign fundamental data – define what to mask.

Fundamental data overview list
Create fundamental data
Edit fundamental data
Delete fundamental data

Fundamental data overview list

All created Fundamental data can be viewed on this Fundamental data overview list screen.

Only basic information is shown so you can identify Fundamental data at a glance. It contains a table detailing every created Fundamental data, showing: Name, Masking algorithms, Note, Repeating, Skip default and Unique.

Overview will be by default ordered by Name. There is a possibility to change the order of all columns descending or ascending. When list of created Fundamental data is displayed user can select one Fundamental data row to do next actions:

If there are no Fundamental data, the Fundamental data overview list is empty.

Main parameters for each of the fundamental data:

  • Name - automatically filled with Fundamental data name
  • Masking algorithms - automatically filled with masking algorithms joined to the fundamental data.
  • Note - automatically filled with additional note
  • Repeating, Skip default, Unique - parameters of fundamental data.

Manage fundamental data Figure 1: List of the specification fundamental data

Create fundamental data

To create a fundamental data, click on the Create fundamental data button in the top right corner.

Create fundamental data screen will be open and the following information can be entered:


  • Name - Fundamental data name
  • Note - Note related to entered fundamental data (optional)

Additional options

  • Repeating - is it repeatable
  • Skip default - will it skip default
  • Unique - is it unique

Create fundamental data Figure 2: Create fundamental data

Edit fundamental data

The edit fundamental data page allows the user to change specification properties. All fields are amendable.

Edit fundamental data Figure 3: Edit fundamental data

Delete fundamental data

If fundamental data is no needed user can select on fundamental data overview list one or more fundamental data rows, by using checkboxes, to Delete fundamental data.

A confirmation message appears before deleting. After confirmation, fundamental data folder will be deleted and it will no longer show on fundamental data overview list.

Delete fundamental data Figure 4: Delete fundamental data

If Fundamental data gets deleted, it also deletes linked Masking algorithms. On all Specification Columns where that fundamental data and its related masking algorithms are used instead of IDs displays NULLs.