Database analyzers

In the context of the BizDataX Portal, NuGet packages are database analyzers.

There are two ways to install the database analyzers:

Database analyzers are installed during the installation of the BizDataX Portal, by selecting the appropriate NuGet packages source and the appropriate version of the required type of analyzer, which corresponds to the type of data source to be worked on.

Select NuGet packages to download and install
Figure 1: One of the installation steps in the BizDataXPortal installation process

Default location where the installed database analyzers are stored is C:\Inetpub\BizDataXPortal\Custom Analyzers.

Option 1)

  1. Download nuget.exe command-line tool from
  2. Open command-line tool and navigate to nuget.exe location
  3. Locate the Custom Analyzers folder in the BizDataX Portal install location. Default path is C:\Inetpub\BizDataXPortal\Custom Analyzers.
  4. Execute the following line: .\nuget.exe install NUGETPACKAGENAME -Source -Source -OutputDirectory INSTALLLOCATION. For example, if you want to install DB2 database analyzer to default install location execute: .\nuget.exe install Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.DB2 -Source -Source -OutputDirectory "C:\Inetpub\BizDataXPortal\Custom Analyzers"
  5. Restart the BizDataXPortal website in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Option 2)
By unpacking one or more .nupkg files obtained from the BizDataX support team, depending on the number of analyzer types that need to be installed or updated; to a default location: C:\Inetpub\BizDataXPortal\Custom Analyzers. Only one version of a particular database analyzer can be in that location.