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BizDataX Designer installation

Installation of the BizDataX Designer is performed using the BizDataX Designer Setup application.

Installation steps
Accessing the BizDataX Designer
Update to a newer version

Installation steps

Start BizDataXDesignerSetup.msi and select Install. The installation welcome screen will be displayed. Click Next to proceed.

Installation welcome screen Figure 1: Installation welcome screen

Optionally configure installation location and click Next.

Choose the installation folder Figure 2: Choose the installation folder

If you have multiple instances of the same edition and version of Visual Studio installed, you have to specify the path to the root folder of the Visual Studio instance where you want BizDataX to be used.
Example paths:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional\

Click Next to proceed.

Visual Studio integration selection Figure 3: Visual Studio integration selection

Select optional Toolbox items. Click Next to proceed.

Optional Toolbox item selection Figure 4: Optional 'Toolbox' item selection

Click Install to confirm selected options and start the installation. Wait for the installation process to copy the required files and set up the system for BizDataX Designer.

Installation confirmation Figure 5: Installation confirmation

Click Finish on the installation results window to finish the installation process.

Installation in progress Figure 6: Installation in progress

By default, you will be directed to the online documentation. Uncheck the Launch online documentation option if you don't want to launch the documentation.

Installation completed Figure 7: Installation completed

Accessing the BizDataX Designer

After the installation is complete, BizDataX Designer can be accessed by creating a new Visual Studio project on the BizDataX Package Executable template.

Update to a newer version

The update to the newer version includes uninstalling the BizDataX Designer in the Control Panel and installing the new version using the new installation file. Meanwhile, projects created on the BizDataX Package Executable template will not be able to be loaded within Visual Studio, and will therefore be unusable.

Note that both NuGet packages and their dependencies must be updated.