NuGet packages installation

NuGet packages are required in order to work with supported databases, and their content consists of support for database analyzers (used by BizDataX Portal) and for database handlers (used by BizDataX Designer).

In order to enable work on an individual data set, it is necessary to upgrade the BizDataX solution by installing the appropriate NuGet package, especially for BizDataX Portal and especially for BizDataX Designer.

Overview of the main NuGet packages:

  • Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.Oracle
  • Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.MSSQL
  • Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.DB2
  • Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.Informix
  • Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.Sybase
  • Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.PostgreSQL

The following pages provide instructions on how to install the required NuGet packages:

Installing database analyzers
Installing database handlers