BizDataX Picklists are specialized lists containing data that is used when masking certain data types.

These are used in Pick Data From List and country-specific BizDataX Designer activities and in certain data generators. These lists can also be manually accessed in a BizDataX Package to be used in other Designer activities, custom data generators or in custom code. The namespace Ekobit.BizDataX.LookupData must be used if you want to use picklists in your code, and the same namespace is imported by default in a BizDataX package workflow. Picklists are loaded from the LookupData.xml file that is a part of every BizDataX package and can be switched to one containing a different set of data if needed.

Picklists example Figure 1: An example of a BizDataX Designer activity using picklists

Below is the list of every picklist data types available for use in BizDataX. Their own respective pages contain explanation of their properties, contextual data, value examples and best ways to use them.