Version 4.3.0

Release notes for version 4.3.0 are available on this page.

BizDataX Portal

Portal redesign with the following objects and features:

  • A reporting feature that allows the user to retrieve portal data has been added. It is possible to download Sensitive data discovery finding reports and Imported metadata reports. The report can be downloaded as a static file or with live data feeds. It can be downloaded in CSV, JSON or Excel format.
  • The captions of the pages are modified to be consistent with menu options
  • Installation process is modified so that the user could add IIS APPPOOL\BizDataXPortal account to SQL Server
  • Table menu can be open by right-click mouse on selected row
  • When importing Data source, relationships will be imported and displayed on the Portal as well
  • Descriptions of Ekobit.BizDataX NuGet packages are added
  • For PostgreSQL handler/analyzer are added
  • A navigation menu, consisting of two main submenus - Administration and Project dashboard, has been added:
    • Administration
      • The Projects object, with functionality 'Create' has been placed under Administration navigation
      • Administration/Projects is the BDX landing page
      • Dashboard card look is changed: Project ICON consists of two first characters of project name; the description, if any, will be displayed next to the icon; user data, creation and modification times are also displayed
    • Project dashboard - consists of five functionalities:
      • Data management – consists of: Data sources and Environment and Import history
        • In 'Create environment' and 'Environment overview list' screen new field 'Note' is added
        • 'Edit environment' screen - a new screen where Name, Note and toggle button Status (Active or Inactive) can be changed; Connection string is displayed but disabled.
        • Import history - display only processes of type Data source import
      • SubsettingNEW functionality in BizDataX application, consists of: Definitions, Table filters and Execution history
        • A subsetting is a functionality that allows you to extract a certain part of the data from the total data set, with the aim of creating a smaller, more specific database, which is then easier to work with. It is the process of retrieving just the parts of large database which are of interest for a specific purpose. A database subset allows users in the field to work with a small subset of a database.
        • Definitions = design subset definition
          • Subset definition is a set of tables that will be completely copied or just a part of data will be copied from the source database to the target database.
        • Table filters
          • The subset table filter option is where user creates rules that exclude/include all or part of data. Rules defined here apply to all subset definitions.
        • Execution history
          • All subset executions can be viewed on Subest execution history screen. It contains a table with name of user who made changes, process status and date and time process started and ended.
    • Sensitive data discovery – consists of: Rules, Findings and Discovery history
    • Specifications – consists of: Versions, Specification tables, Specification columns, Fundamental data and Masking algorithms
      • A context menu has been added for the published specification, but only with the "View ..." options above.
    • Data masking – consists of: Packages and Execution history
      • Package execution history has been modified as a separate process list.
      • Execution history - display only processes of type Pacakge execution

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Setup rollback is set to clean the Analyzers folder, e.g. in case of the setup failure

BizDataX Designer

  • A correction of generating DE IBAN
  • Arithmetic Overrun correction if the number of records is greater than the maximum value of Int32
  • A correction of displaying the wrong number of records per second in the log
  • A correction was made with Repeaters on-the-fly, an error occurred while trying to switch from disabled to enabled
  • A user message has been added if an error in repeaters thread appears
  • Modify handler for database masking in designer and for file masking in designer is corrected so no errors should be visible in designer if handler is valid.
  • For long-term operations in the Visual Studio, progress bars will display an appropriate message.
  • Improved performance of import portal data and workflow toolbox
  • Added option to implement custom services to provide database connection strings
  • Existing endpoints are consolidated - "step" / "stepId" and "engine" / "engineId" are a DTO-level property, not part of a URL
  • Descriptions of Ekobit.BizDataX NuGet packages are added