Repeaters persistence

Persistence configuration is required in order to reuse existing repeaters during data masking. Repeaters are loaded from and saved to the defined database.

During Ekobit.BizDataX.Databases.Oracle database handler installation the <> section will be added in App.config file:

<!--control repeating persistence  
need to add connection string with value of name 'connectionStringName' into connectionStrings section-->  
<repeatingpersistence connectionstringname="PersistenceOracle" schemaname="SYSTEM" tableprefix="REPEATER_"></repeatingpersistence>  

The connection string of the same name must be added to the <connectionstrings>.

  • connectionStringName - the name of the connection string that indicates where repeater values will be saved

  • schemaName - the name of the database schema where repeater values will be saved

  • tablePrefix - the table prefix for repeater tables