BizDataX Portal version upgrade

It is possible to upgrade BizDataX portal from 4.2 version to 4.3 version without losing any data from the old version.

It is done in three steps:

  1. Uninstalling an old version of BizDataX Portal
  2. Restarting the system
  3. Installing a new version of BizDataX Portal
Table of contents
Step 1: Uninstalling BizDataX Portal
Step 2: Restarting the system
Step 3: Installing new version
Deleting previously created data

Step 1: Uninstalling BizDataX Portal

First step of upgrading to a new version is uninstalling the old one from the system. BizDataX Portal can be uninstalled like any other program - for example, on Windows OS, it can be uninstalled from Control Panel, Programs and Features.

Control Panel Uninstall Figure 1: Uninstalling BizDataX Portal on Windows OS

Step 2: Restarting the system

Once the BizDataX Portal is uninstalled, the system will require restart (reset) to finish the uninstallation.

Reset uninstall

Figure 2: Restart request on Windows OS

Step 3: Installing new version

Installing new (v4.3) version is done by regular installation procedure described in the BizDataX Portal installation guide.

After succesfull installation, the changes from the new version should be applied and all data should be present and correctly inserted on the Portal and database.

Deleting previously created data

To delete data from the previous version, some actions need to be taken before installing a new version:

  1. Deleting files from inetpub folder
  2. Deleting BizDataXPortal database from server
  3. Clearing cache from browser.

These actions need to be done manually, depending on the tools used for server management, browser, etc..