Generating models and adding activities

This page will explain the process of generating models from imported Portal data and adding activities.

Table of contents


  • BizDataX Package Executable project with loaded Portal data and a masking activity ready


  1. Build the solution.

    • You should see a new category in the Visual Studio Toolbox with the name in this format:
      <project name="">.Datasources.<database provider="">.<schema name="">
      (eg. BizDataXPackage.Datasources.SQL_Server.dbo)
  2. In Package.xml remove all default elements except the Sequence element

  3. Drag the activity of the table you want to mask (e.g. Users_Activity) into the working area (or a Sequence block, for example). You should see something like this:
    Default masking used in examples Figure 1: Default masking used in examples