Bank data is contained within WorldBank instances and is mostly used in the Pick bank from list and related, country-specific masking activities.

Each WorldBank instance contains data concerning banks and contains the following information:

  • BankName - Bank name
  • RoutingNumber - Routing number
  • Country - Country code
  • ControlDigitCalculationMethod - Control digit calculaction method for the account number

Below are a few examples:

BankName RoutingNumber Country ControlDigitCalculationMethod
Bundesbank 10000000 DE 09
Deutsche Hypothekenbank 25010600 DE 01
PSD Bank Nord 29090900 DE 91
Triba Partner Bank AG 66907 CH -
Itau Corpbanca Colombia - CO -

A collection of all WorldBank instances can be accessed with PickLists.WorldBanks, an IEnumerable collection. In addition to the standard methods the Enumerable type offers, you can also use the following filtering methods:

  • OnlyCountry(string country) - Returns banks from the country represented by the given country code