Packages - in more detail

All packages currently registered in the project can be viewed on the packages list, the landing page of the packages' functionality. It contains a table detailing every registered package in the project.

If there are no packages, the package list is empty.

The packages are automatically registered when published from the Designer.
The packages can be manually registered by clicking the + icon in the top right corner.

Table of contents
Packages list
Automatic package registration
Manual package registration

Packages list

Package list Figure 1: Package list

Information necessary for quickly identifying packages are package name, assembly, version, package path, and description. The assembly and version help to identify the package group, the "same" package since each publish from the Visual Studio generates a new package.

Options available on the right for each package are:

  • View package details - see package path, description and version, and registered steps and parameters.
  • View execution history - see processes related to that package executions.
  • Edit package - edit package name and description.
  • Delete package - use checkboxes to delete more than one discovery finding at once.

Automatic registration

The packages are automatically registered when published to the BizDataX Portal from the BizDataX Designer.

Manual registration

Manual package registration requires having a package saved in the default publish location: C:\inetpub\BizDataXPortal\API\Deployed Packages.

The package comes to that folder by the publishing process through BizDataX Designer. This option is useful after a package deleted on the BizDataX Portal wants to be re-registered, which starts a new cycle of working with the package, with no history from before deletion.

The packages can be manually registered by clicking the plus icon in the top right corner.

Basic information about the new package, or update the existing package are:

  • Name - package name, must be unique
  • Package path - selected package from the list of published packages
  • Description - package description or a comment

Package registration Figure 2: Package registration

The button Cancel cancels the registration process.