Assign repeating value

The Assign repeating value activity allows you to manually create repeater values during masking.

It is often used in cases where you want to replace specific values in your database with custom values.

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To use the Assign repeating value activity, place it anywhere in your workflow. Set the RepeaterId as the ID of the repeater you want to add values to. Next, change the property RepeaterKey by creating a CompositeKey with the following syntax:

CompositeKey.Create(parameter1, parameter2, ...)

You can add up to five parameters of different types. This will dictate by what key the new repeating value will be saved in the repeaters database. Lastly, add the value itself by setting the RepeaterValue property.


Let's assume that we are masking the Customer table and are using repeaters during first name masking. The Pick first name from list masking activity is picking values and saving them to the repeater database when necessary, but we want the name "James" to always be replaced with "John" instead of the masking activity picking it's own replacement value. We can do that by placing the Assign repeating value activity before the Customer masking activity in the workflow.

Assign repeater value example Figure 1: Adding a new repeater value before masking

Now we have to set the properties of the activity. RepeaterId is set to the name of the repeater we are saving first name in which is in this case "FirstNameRepeater". We can create a new RepeaterKey by using the name we want to replace in future maskings, so in this case we can set it to the following:


Lastly, we set the RepeaterValue property as the name we want James to be replaced with, in this case John. After the masking is completed, every first name James will be replaced with the value "John".

Assign repeater value properties Figure 2: Assign repeating value properties


Property group Property name Description Example
Input properties RepeaterId The ID of the repeater. "FirstNameRepeater"
RepeaterKey Repeating key to assign. CompositeKey.Create("James")
RepeaterValue Repeating value to assign. "John"
Misc DisplayName Display name of the activity in the workflow. Assign repeater value