Example 2

This is a very simple masking example. Some non-primary key columns of the table are masked. Primary key columns are not masked.

Table of contents
Example table

Example table

Table Users

ID (PK) FirstName LastName Email DateOfBirth
17643925741 John Doe jdoe@mail.com 1994-05-06

Only FirstName, LastName and Email will be masked.


  1. Import your table from the BizDataX Portal

    • Use the following settings:
      • Read-only symbol Read-only for the primary key
      • Read-write symbol Read-write for columns you want to mask
      • Skip symbol Skip for columns you don't want to mask
  2. Generate models and add activities

  3. Update the handler settings based on the database used. See supported data sets for more details.

  4. Set up your masking activities inside the Masking block activity.

  5. Compile, run, wait for the process to finish and verify that everything is masked.