Data sources

The data source on the BizDataX Portal is a set of metadata distributed by an individual environment. Multiple data sources can be created, and each can have multiple environments. These can be imported from different databases using BizDataX database analyzers.

Metadata (names of schemas, tables, and columns; data types) is used during sensitive data discovery, in creating a data model, and in defining masking algorithms, so this is a crucial part of the data anonymization process.

Data sources panel

Data sources panel

The data source panel can be found on the project dashboard. It provides basic information about the state of data sources in the project.

The following information is displayed in the panel:

  • Number of data sources contained in the project
  • Number of data source analyzers currently available

If you install new data source analyzers while using the BizDataX Portal, the number of data source analyzers will be updated accordingly.

Data sources panel Figure 1: Data sources panel

To see data sources, on the Data sources panel, click the gear button that opens the Data sources list.